Matrix (2016)

In printmaking, matrix is the term used to describe the elements from which prints are made. It is usually used in contemporary prints. According to, matrix is something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes from or develops.

Traditionally in printmaking, the surface of the matrix includes wood, metal, rubber, stone, potato and some types of collagraph. As in my artwork, I am creating remembrance through my involvement in the art scene since the year of 2005. Following to the year from my graduation from the art school, majoring in printmaking. Since then, I have made printmaking as my practice in my artworks. As many of the other artists in Malaysia, I am struggling with numerous of things and one of it is the workspace, facilities and materials limitation. Therefore, as I try to solve my difficulty, I am looking into my daily life essentials and gathering objects that surrounding me and making experiments in order to explore the materials and how the objects turn out to be the matrix and bringing it in firm contact with the paper or canvas.

By using the objects that I associate in my daily routine, I create my works with a heightened sense of desolation, in my own narratives, that’s how I am recording the condition in which things are happening all around me. The process of transferring the remembrance in my artworks, in a way, reflecting my personalities and a temporary state of mind and feeling about each of the object. A new composition sees the inclusion of the objects silhouette, transforming my emotion characters into an improvised visual. What I wanted to convey are the experience of survival, the emotional and the truth. The artwork reflected my spiritual, physical and living conditions during my moment of surviving.

Faizal Yunus